Patented Technology For Expanded Peripheral Vision

Swedish concept design, proprietary technology, intended use, best in class material selection, and world-class factory partnerships deliver product excellence to the market. All details in our eyewear are handmade in Italy by skilled artisans.
To build the best, we must use the best.

Peripheral Vision Affects The Sensation Of Speed And Motion

Our proprietary Peripheral Vision Technology (PVT) was developed to eliminate the very real feeling of being restrained when wearing a goggle. Peripheral vision affects sensations related to speed and motion. Wearing a goggle without PVT is the equivalent of driving a car with covered side windows. Looking straight is not a problem, but that is all you can see. As mountain crowds increase, the need to see your surroundings has never been greater: something not possible until now!

This compelled Lindsey Vonn, former ski-alpine world champion to join Yniq's team.

How Does It Work?

By molding metal self supporting outriggers to hold the strap, we are able to seamlessly add 2 side “windows” to expand your field of vision. Whether spotting your landing, standing at the starting gate of a race, or simply navigating the slopes on a normal day, PVT technology improves your experience on the mountain.

State Of The Art Lenses

Just as important is how we build our lenses. They are manufactured with state of the art, best in class materials. We do not give our lenses fancy names to mask inferior quality, we simply build a superior lens with the latest innovations in material and technique; similar to how a consumer “builds” their dream car or selects the perfect diamond.

We build every goggle without compromise!