Aureta Model One - Special Edition Black

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This limited-edition goggle combines Yniq's innovative technology and superior performance with Aureta's signature touch of glamour, as dazzling Swarovski crystals adorn the goggle frame. Limited to only 50 units worldwide, this unique blend of performance and luxury is sure to sparkle on the slopes!

The Model One ski goggle borrows inspiration from vintage motorcars where the
culmination of performance, quality materials and artistry produce an extraordinary
ski goggle. With our tri-lens PVT technology, you experience expanded vision,
empowering you to redefine limits and transcend boundaries. The mountain
experience is elevated with bespoke metal hardware that seamlessly connects the
strap mechanism resulting in the perfect fit. You are free to embrace the slopes with
clarity, style, and freedom.

Designed in Sweden, Made in Italy.

Size: One Size